New Etsy Shop – In the Beginning Stages

Hey everyone, as most of you know I’ve been in Colorado for the past 5 months and I’m starting to miss my desktop computer.  I only have a VERY SLOOOOOOOW laptop.  But I must press on!

The reason I say all this is because I’ve opened an Etsy shop for my planner stickers and I’ve put a couple designs up.

Now, before I show you I want to give you a warning.  It’s very sparse over there. I don’t have a header or any kind of info, and the pictures aren’t that great; but I’m working on it.  My laptop just can’t handle the stress I’m putting it under so I’m going to have to wait until I get home to beef things up.

Well here’s the designs.  They can be found at Keturah Designs on Etsy. Check out this preview.

lilmonsters Shine

Lil’ Monsters and Shine are two of my new favorite designs.  Print them out on full size sticker paper.  They are also only $1.50 each for the instant download!  You can’t beat that.


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