Pixel Scrapper January 2016 Blog Train: Crafty Evening

I can’t believe it’s almost 2016!  This year has gone by so fast for me and I can’t believe it’s over.  January Blog Train’s theme is Crafty Evening and I love the colors for this month.


I made some new stuff and recolored some of my Everyday Work Papers and Elements since that kit was all about crafting anyways.  I loved creating some new coffee cups and tea items as well.  So here’s the preview, and the items will go live on January 1st.

ps_erin-phillips paper preview copy ps_erin-phillips elements preview copy ps_erin-phillips tags preview copy


One Last Christmas Freebie


I thought since today was Christmas that I would do one last Christmas Freebie for everyone.  This one is quite a few half boxes in some non-traditional colors.  It’s called Winter Wonderland.  I love all the muted pinks, purples, and blues and thought this would look wonderful throughout January as well.  Hope you are having a great Christmas Day and a wonderful time with family and friends!

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Blessing Freebie

This season I have found myself needing more flags and labels and less functional stickers.  My posts seems to be about holiday parties and things I need to do to get ready for Christmas.  I created this printable just for that purpose.  It includes a lot of page flags and cute boxes for to-do lists.  It’s made with Sheila Reid’s Christmas Blessings series which you can also find at Pixel Scrappers.  She’s a very talented artist. I really love the little reindeer at the bottom.

Christmas Blessings

Mood Tracker Freebie Friday

It’s starting off as a crazy Christmas season this year full of ups and downs.  I generally keep a mood tracker somewhere, but I’ve stopped recently.  I need to start back, so I created these wonderful stickers in order to do it.  For years I have taken medication in the evening, but I was forgetting my new medication in the morning, so I decided to add some cute medication reminder stickers as well.

Mood Tracker1

I use these to keep track of my moods from depression (on the left) to mania (on the right) in the little boxes.  I just circle the box or mark it in some way.  Neutral is in the middle box. I can also use the larger stickers to write down my moods in a more descriptive format if I choose.  The medication bottles I just check off when I take that day’s medication.

Mood Tracker

How To Save Money: Don’t Buy Anything

I was browsing Pinterest last week (as I often do late at night) and I came upon a ton of articles that said “How to save _______(insert amount of money) in 2016!”  or “How to save BIG! on Black Friday!”, and it got me to thinking.  What’s the best way to save money?  That’s right, don’t buy anything.

Spending the last 6 months in a 1 bedroom apartment with my best friend has taught me a thing or two, the biggest one is that I have way too much stuff.  Now, my stuff is not junk, its just too much stuff I haven’t gotten around to using up.  I have like 6 bottles of shampoo, all perfectly usable, I just reach for different ones on different days.

The first thing I did when I got home was cancel my monthly box services.  I’ve got so many samples I’m going crazy.  It’s not that I don’t like the samples, I just need to use up what I have before I pile on more.  The 2nd thing I did was figure out what I wanted to donate.  I’m going to do a post on this later.  There are a lot of things I was surprised to find I could donate that people could use that were just sitting around my house not getting any love.

The next step I decided was to do a “No Spend” month.  It’s kinda crazy to do a no spend month in the middle of the Christmas season, but I like a challenge, so here I go.  My rules are simple.  If I have a gift alternative, I don’t buy the gift.  I have Mary Kay inventory coming out my ears so I have some pretty great alternatives.  If I can make it in the time until Christmas, I don’t buy a gift.  My mom is looking forward to some hand-knit socks so that is in the bag. (oh she knows and loves that I make her socks)   I have left room for a few exceptions such as food and necessities, but I’m going to try my hardest to not spend on anything I can make do with a product I have.

So the freebie for this week is a halfsheet of No Spend stickers.  These fit the little NOTES box in the bottom of my Plum Paper planner and are just a little longer than a normal ECLP square.  I also made an exceptions box which is about a half box ECLP size.  I know it’s not ideal, but it works for me so it’s what I made since it’s what I have. (no spend and all)  The page is actually letter sized with 2 sets on the page when you download it so you get two months or 8 weeks.  Enjoy!


December Pixel Scrapper Blog Train: Let’s Get Festive

Now that Thanksgiving is over I’m ready to celebrate Christmas!  My first act of Christmas is the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train.  This month’s theme is Let’s Get Festive.


One of my greatest memories from Christmas time is baking cookies with my mom and brother around the holidays.  We cooked the family special Tea Cakes.  and decorated them with all kinds of icing.  I still remember waiting for hours while the dough cooled in the freezer before we could cut them out.  That’s why my mini kit this month is Let’s Get Festive: Baking Edition.  Just click the preview for the download.

ps_erin-phillips preview

I went a little over board on this blog train so I made some extras.  Papers, Icons, Stickers, and Journaling Elements. This is all included in one kit and the download can be found here.

ps_erin-phillips Preview Icons ps_erin-phillips preview journaling elements ps_erin-phillips Preview papers ps_erin-phillips Preview Stickers

I hope you can use these in your digital endeavors.  Happy Holidays and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season this year.