Black and White Bits Freebie

I’ve been doing some #ListersGottaList books for a few months now to go along with my planner and I finally bought one of the older kits last month.  The Lister’s Gotta List movement was started by Cori, aka The Reset Girl and it’s in full swing on her website and Facebook.  One of the things she always includes in her kits are sticker sheets with just words on them.  I thought this was just such a cute idea, I decided to make some of my own.  I call this release my Black and White Bits.  I cut the icons out in 1/2 in circles and the words in rectangles, but feel free to do them however you like.  If you want the Studio 3 file just let me know.   I love this font and I hope you do too.

Check out the Lister’s Gotta List site and be sure to stop by The Reset Girl’s shop for cute stickers and bits.



March 2016 Pixel Scrappers Blog Train – Unwind Preview

I love the brights so this blog train was perfect for me.  Because I’ve been getting ready to leave in March, I completely forgot to work on anything until now.  I quickly threw something together today because I don’t know if I’ll have another day to work on it.  I hope you love the bright colors and the pretty Unwind theme.


Check out the rest of the Blog Train when it comes out on March 1st and come back them to download these packs.



ps_erin-phillips elements preview ps_erin-phillips paper preview

Friday Freebie Blank Banner Flags

I love being able to track my individual appointments and things with a simple banner flag.  I had some left over from my planner kit last year, but this year I wanted something a little different.  I found a great deal on 8 1/2 in x 5 1/2 in sticker sheets at Amazon and I had a bunch left.  So I’ve been printing a lot of them instead of replenishing my stock of 8 1/2 in x 11 in sheets so soon.  These are also great for fitting in my $1 Photo books where I keep my stickers.  These banner flags fit my Plum Planner columns perfectly and will also fit the ECLP.  They are solid colors and are great for writing on.


Pixel Scrapper February 2016 Blog Train For The Love…

When I first started this blog train I didn’t really like the color choices, but the more I got into it, the more I found I could do with it.  A lot of people decided to do For the Love of Coffee.  Of course I was down for that, so I was excited to add a few coffee elements to my kit.  I will have papers and elements for download on February 1st.  Here are the previews.

ps_erin-phillips paper preview

ps_erin-phillips elements preview