Pixel Scrapper Blog Train November 2015: Thankful Harvest

Can you believe it’s already November?  I know I can’t.  I’ve been in Colorado since May of this year and I was only supposed to stay for like a month tops!  I am going home later this month for Thanksgiving and Christmas so that’s good.

Lately I’ve gotten really into designing digital scrapbook patterns and freebies.  If you know me at all you know I LOVE my planner.  I was looking for some patterns to use to make my own stickers and I came across a great site…Pixel Scrappers.  The lovely people over there have inspired me to learn how to design my own and what better time to get started than now?

November 2015 BT

So, this month I’m participating in the Blog Train Thankful Harvest.  I started designing and came up with one version, then I got feedback and came up with another version and some word art so I’m uploading them all for you if you want them.  Grab all that you want.

Version 1 is PU/S4H/SFO and Version 2 is CU.  They are both 12×12 and 300dpi.  The word art is 300dpi .png files.  Just click the image to download!

Version 1

ps_erin-phillips BT Nov2015 preview

Version 2

ps_erin-phillips paper preview Nov 2015

Word Art

ps_erin-phillips BT TH Nov 2015 WA

Check out all the other goodies that coordinate with these papers at Pixel Scrapper.


13 thoughts on “Pixel Scrapper Blog Train November 2015: Thankful Harvest

  1. Thanks for the pretty freebies! I especially like the word art. (I have trouble reading your blog on my computer screen. Maybe you could make the font color a bit lighter, for more contrast against the dark background?)


  2. Hello! Thank you so much for your lovely kit! Wow, your second set of papers is just fabulous! I liked the first set too! And thank you also for the great word art! I really appreciate your hard work and kind generosity in sharing your designs. I also think that your blog is great! I hope that you can adjust back to living in Atlanta after spending six months in Colorado! It sounds as if you have had a busy and extremely successful year! Best wishes for Thanksgiving!


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