First Freebie

Hey guys I’m back again with this week’s freebie.  I’m going to try to do these freebies weekly just as long as I can.  Here’s what you do with this file.  Download it and then print it on full sheet sticker paper.  Then just cut out everything and you have great stickers for your planner.  This works with Erin Condren Life Planners (Vertical Design) as well as Plum Paper Planners.  You can also use these for other things as well, they just may not fit exactly.  I haven’t researched all the sizes for filofax, midori, or others.  It’s in PDF format and I also have a .studio3 file if you need it, although I’m not going to make that one public, so you will need to email me for it.  These are for personal use only.


Download can be found Here

Additional design credits go to TeacherYanie on Deviant Art and FlatIcon.


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